Feria Internacional de las Culturas Amigas 2017

Poster Ensamble Modular de Arte Contemporáneo, EMAC

Ensamble Modular de Arte Contemporáneo

May 21, 2017 Mexico City, MX Free


Time : 14:00
Venue : Zócalo

Performing pieces by Bartók, Kodály, Juanra Urrusti, Enrique Mendoza, András Virágh, Manuel M. Ponce

Feria Internacional de la Culturas Amigas 2017

Hungarian contemporary and classical music in Mexico City! On the cultural stage of the ‘International Festival of friendly culture’, the European Union participating member states were together on 21 may. One of them is large buttercup, a young hungarian musician in Mexico City, who has played Hungarian authors, including bar and a, and the creation of several Mexican contemporary composers, together with (this I de arte con.
The people who missed bogi on Sunday, on 27 may at the same scene, are listening in a little different positions and other repertoire! We’re waiting for everyone with a lot of love.

Within the framework of the 9th. Edition of the international fair of friendly cultures, the European Union delegation and its member states, invited to discover cultural diversity through music, in the artistic forum of the socket, Mexico city. From Hungary, the hungarian saxophonist bogi nagy, this time playing a hungarian instrument the “Tárogató” and emac (Modular Ensemble of contemporary art) offered a concert of works by Hungarian composers, zoltán kodály, béla bartók and Mexican composers on Sunday May 21, 2017.

We also invite you to another of your concert, which will take place next Saturday, may 27, 2017, at 14:00 p.m. in the artistic forum of the socket, Mexico city. (FREE ENTRY)